Handcrafted Jewelry

If you are searching for a beautiful gift for your wife, Blue Crab Blue has what you are looking for. Aside from our artisan pieces and signature items, we carry handcrafted jewelry pieces by artists in the United States. Our jewelry is made from the best natural gems around the world, from Australian boulder opals to North Carolina Unakite. Each piece of jewelry is specifically crafted to fit the shape of these beautiful stones. Make your gift for your wife truly unique.

All of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind from our artisans. So, when you come in and see something you like, please ask us to put it away for you if you are not purchasing it that day. Otherwise, it could be gone within the hour, and we cannot get another version of it.
You will be able to find a gift your wife will adore here at Blue Crab Blue. If you are looking for a specific type of gemstone jewelry, please call or come ask us about it. We may have it on hand, or able to get it in for you soon.