“Smooshed” Bottles

If you are just looking for a neat souvenir or a gift for the man in your life, then come in to see some of our already pressed bottles. We have smooshed bottles of alcoholic beverages like vodka, beer, and wine, and many different types of soda bottles. We usually tie large ribbons or add other decorative items to the top of the bottle as well. Whether you are looking for bottle we have or wanting your own bottle to be custom smooshed, we can suit your needs.

Need a great, unique gift for your man? “Smooshed” glass bottles are a great way to decorate a room and preserve a memory at the same time. Whether you want to smoosh the wine bottle from your wedding, the champagne bottle from graduation, or the coke bottle you got on that outing with your friends, we can “custom smoosh” bottles for you. We will smoosh your favorite drinks to decorate your kitchen, game room, or man cave. Bring your bottles in to see if they are made of the type of glass that can be properly smooshed. If your bottles cannot be smooshed with guaranteed results, we will definitely let you know beforehand and let you decide whether that is a risk you want to take with your bottles.