Unique Gifts

Searching for a birthday gift? Then, shop no further! Blue Crab Blue proudly showcases some of the most unique pieces around, from painted step stools, sand castles made of genuine sand from Oak Island, and mugs that are molded to fit around your hand. Artists handcraft almost every product in our store, and our items have the intricacy of individual care. Gifts ideas are easy to find here; our paintings range from ocean scenes, to the fantastic, to views of local vistas. The glass-work and pottery are handmade with no two pieces being quite the same. Come and take a look to find that special birthday gift you've been looking for.

If you are looking for a set of unique items or birthday gifts, check out our various selection of pottery mugs. We have over half-a-dozen different styles for you to choose from. Each of them are handmade so no two are the same. Our personal favorite is the hand-hugger mug that looks like no other mug you have seen. Unfortunately, you will have to come in to see it as no picture could do it justice. You will not find pottery like this anywhere else and you will be glad that you own some.
If you are looking for a unique item or birthday gift that is not on this page, please call us and ask about our selection. I am sure we have something that will pique your interest and if not we probably know who does in the local area. We highly suggest you come and see our unique selection which changes on a daily basis. Come support your local artisans!